Hilltop traffic study is first step to less congestion

Hilltop traffic study is first step to less congestion

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - A new study that looks at several options to reduce congestion on Hilltop is just the first step of the process.

Walter McMillan with the Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department said the project will not begin anytime soon. There is a list of projects approved through 2016 and the Hilltop project is not on there.

Another list of projects will not begin until 2017. McMillan said this project may end up on that list.

One of the options the study provided was changing the intersection at Johnson and Red Wolf to incorporate Highway 351.

This study may or may not affect the Greensborough Village project with Halsey Thrasher Harpole. Gary Harpole said they were looking at the study Monday in order to figure out what to do with the project.

Wade Quinn, owner of Swank and partner to Newk's, says he doesn't believe the wait for the Hilltop project will affect Greensborough.

"I think they will probably move forward," Quinn said. "I think that's all bonus and especially if it goes through there for them, which I think would take some congestion off the major artery here at 351 and 49 if it did go through there."

He said in the past couple of months since the project was announced, he has looked forward to the commercial and residential aspects of the project.

"You know I'm excited about the major commercial aspect of it as well as the residential aspect," Quinn said. "Which will obviously be good for this shopping center as well as Newk's and Swank."

Quinn is excited to see the Hilltop area grow and what it will become in the future.

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