Woman awakens to burglars in home

Woman awakens to burglars in home

A Jonesboro woman woke up early Saturday morning to find 2 burglars in her Rosemond Avenue home.

According to the police report, the homeowner was sleeping in the living room of the home and was awakened by noises in the kitchen.

When she went to see what was going on, she told police she saw 2 men dressed in all black going through her purse.

The suspects fled before the homeowner could get a good look at them.

The police report states 2 panes of glass on her back door were broken out and that was most likely the point of entry for the burglars.

Residents in the neighborhood said they plan to take precautions to protect their homes.

"I do have a pistol," said Helen Doris. "If somebody comes tearing down the door, I think I can shoot them."

Others said they were not aware the incident happened.

"It's actually quite scary that it could've been our house," said Jessica Breedlove.

The homeowner reported a pre-paid debit card was stolen from her purse.

At last check, no new activity from the stolen card has been reported to police.

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