Spring temperatures brings business to car washes

Spring temperatures brings business to car washes

After weeks of wintry, rainy, cold weather the sun finally appeared Monday and people in Region 8 took advantage of the change.

While some may have gone to the park to soak in the sun, others headed to Team Clean Carwash, 3001 E. Nettleton, to clean their rides.

Manager Matt Palmer said they have seen a boom in business since the temperatures warmed up.

That increase was evident on Monday, the line to get into the carwash often went out into the street.

After waiting a while to get into the carwash, some drivers backed up and left.

"When the sun was out earlier, the line was backed up all the way," said Jermele Whitmore. "I didn't even try to turn to come in, but I came back."

Palmer said one of their lanes was closed today after it sustained damage in the winter storm.

He said he expected the parts for that lane to come in by the end of Monday.

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