Agape House expanding thanks to donation

Agape House expanding thanks to donation

CORNING, AR (KAIT) - Thanks to a generous donation, the Agape House is expanding.

The Agape House is a 4-month faith-based program that helps women battling drug addiction. The non-profit organization has 2 homes, 1 in Oak Grove and another in Corning.

Nearly 40 women graduate from the program each year and there is currently a waiting list.

Judy Stephens, Agape House board member, said she hopes the waiting list will dwindle with this expansion.

A former nursing home and rehabilitation facility in Corning was donated by Jim Cooper. The building sits on a large piece of land.

Stephens said the facility needs a lot of work because it has been vandalized and empty for quite some time.

Regardless of the work ahead, the Agape House is excited to get started. Stephens said with this large of a facility they will be able to help so many more women, and that is what it is all about.

"They come in here broken, so very broken, and to watch light, I have that awesome privilege every week to watch the light come on in their lives," Stephens said.

She said there is nothing better than seeing the women get their lives on track, and they want to continue that mission.

It will be more than a year before the facility is complete, but the board is discussing relocating all of the women to the new facility in Corning once the remodel is complete.

The Agape House is planning multiple fundraisers for this project and asks for support from all of Region 8. Stephens said the Agape House helps women from all over Northeast Arkansas, even Missouri and Tennessee.

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