Man charged with terroristic threatening after post about school

Man charged with terroristic threatening after post about school

CARUTHERSVILLE, MO (KAIT) - Police say a man was charged Tuesday after he threatened students and staff at the Caruthersville School District through an online post earlier in the year.

Caruthersville police said a man under the username "Karl Marx" posted on Feb. 23 stating, "I suggest you go up there and shoot'em all." The post was made under a thread called "Elementary School" on the website

The post from Topix scared members of the school district and parents of students.

On Feb. 24 the police department subpoenaed and gained access to an internet protocol address for the person who made the post.

When officers got the I.P. address they subpoenaed the service provider which gave officers account holder information to the location where the post came from.

A search warrant was issued for the address of William S. Taylor, 55, of Caruthersville to collect all computers, tablets, cellular phones and any other electronic devices with access to the internet.

Officers said Taylor admitted to posting under the username "Karl Marx." He said he did not think people would take him seriously and the post "was only a joke."

The police department said they believe none of the Caruthersville school staff or student were in any real danger.

Taylor was charged with terroristic threatening with criminal negligence, a misdemeanor, according to a report from the Caruthersville Police Department.

Caruthersville police noted that even though a post maybe sent anonymously, if it causes fear and panic to the public, there is always a way of tracking where it came from within a matter of hours.

The department ended the news release with, "There is a difference in freedom of speech and making a serious threat that places the public in fear."

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