Greensborough Village project remains on course

Greensborough Village project remains on course

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Construction of the Greensborough Village project in Jonesboro remains on course, even with the results of a traffic study of the area.

The study provided different options on how congestion can be reduced in the Hilltop area. One option that is being considered is rerouting Highway 351.

Gary Harpole, with Halsey Thrasher Harpole, said they never wanted to wait on the highway department's plan. They knew the highway department wanted to make changes to the area and Harpole said they were cognizant of their plan.

He says they want to use Greensborough as an aid to reduce traffic on Hilltop.

"It's always been the owner's and our intention to try to use that as a conduit to help with existing traffic issues, not just go in and add to traffic issues that already existed," Harpole said.

The company's engineers made plans of their own to predict what might happen when the Arkansas Transportation and Highway Department took action. Harpole said the engineer's ideas were very similar to what they are discussing.

Even though they didn't want to wait, Harpole said they decided to play it safe.

"It's just such a large undertaking that we didn't want to get too far down the road until we saw the recommendations because once you put a building somewhere, it becomes very difficult and at the very least very expensive to put a road where that building is at," Harpole said.

He believes construction of Greensborough Village remains on schedule to begin sometime in 2015.

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