Children's Advocacy Center needs help to expand

Children's Advocacy Center needs help to expand

WALNUT RIDGE, AR (KAIT) - A Region 8 nonprofit organization needs community support to expand.

The Northeast Arkansas Children's Advocacy Center has one location in Jonesboro but has found a new building to purchase.

The center helps perform interviews and medical exams on children when allegations of abuse are made. The goal of the organization is to allow the child to only have to tell the story of abuse one time without added pressure.

Last year the center saw 400 kids and administered 150 forensic medical exams.

Kristy Nichols, director of the NEA Children's Advocacy Center, said that is a lot of kids coming through one location.

Nichols said they found a home in Walnut Ridge they believe would be great for the second location.

The home is down the road from the prosecuting attorney's office and right next door to the Walnut Ridge police station.

The center serves 9 counties, and Nichols said having only one location in Jonesboro puts a burden on the children.

"That's a long way for these kids to go, and our mission is not only to serve these kids but also to serve them where they are," Nichols said. "So to serve them where they are we have to be where they are. A place in Lawrence County would be perfect."

It will cost the Advocacy Center $29,900 to buy the building. Nichols said being a non-profit limits the available funds to help with this project.

NEA Children's Advocacy Center set up an online funding page at They are also hosting fundraisers. To find out more about the events visit NEA CAC on Facebook.

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