Surviving allergies in The Natural State

Surviving allergies in The Natural State

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Allergy season is just right around the corner and one hospital wants to help people get rid of those pesky allergy symptoms.

NEA Baptist Hospital hosted an informative luncheon at Southwest Church of Christ in Jonesboro on Wednesday all about getting rid of those symptoms.

Dr. Jeffery Myhill, an Otolaryngologist at NEA Baptist said the most common mistake people make is thinking a single pill will relieve all of their allergy symptoms.

"Typically we have to combine a neuro pill, antihistamine, steroid as well as nasal steroid and nasal antihistamine to give relief," Dr. Myhill said.

One thing Dr. Myhill stressed was to not suffer with your allergens.

"If your symptoms are lasting longer than a couple weeks or if they keep reoccurring month after month or season after season, it is time to see an otolaryngologist," Dr. Myhill said.

Dr. Myhill said if symptoms persist then certain prescription medications may need to be added.

Blood pressure and glucose level checks were also available at the luncheon.

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