Jonesboro police work second air duster related accident this month

Jonesboro police work second air duster related accident this month

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - In less than a month, Jonesboro police have worked two major wrecks directly related to huffing air duster.

"It's the same as if you were drinking or if you were smoking some other kind of substance, you're gonna get a charge of DWI," Traffic Sergeant George Martin told Region 8 News.

In this latest case, police say the driver hit a man and nearly ran over his two kids.

It happened Tuesday night on Gee Street in Jonesboro. The driver, 33-year-old Steven Clarence Thomas wrecked at the laundromat on Gee Street, right across from Sonic.

According to police, Thomas was huffing behind the wheel.

When Thomas got to Matthews Avenue, he drove up on a curb and hit a car in the laundromat parking lot.

The owner of that car told police he was standing right there with his two children, aged 6 and 4, when he saw Thomas barreling towards him.

He told police he was able to push his kids out of the way before Thomas hit him.

Sgt. Martin explained that the high from huffing air duster is short, intense and can be deadly.

"They get behind the wheel and the next thing you know, they're doing 60 in a 20 and they rear-end somebody or they hit somebody head on, hit a pedestrian, hit a building," Sgt. Martin said.

Thomas was charged with DWI, careless and prohibited driving and inhaling certain intoxicants.

He caused thousands of dollars in damages, not only to the victim's car but to the laundromat building as well.

The man he hit was taken to the hospital. He sustained several injuries. Police said none of them were life threatening.

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