Fire Department Rules Fire Caused by Meth Lab

Jonesboro, AR--Jonesboro fire officials say their investigation into the Monday afternoon fire at 311 Walnut St. in Jonesboro is complete.  The fire will officially go down as an accident.  But Fire Marshall Leonard Jadrich says the cause is anything but, saying a Meth lab is responsible for the fire.


“The fire was not caused by an electrical or gas fire.” Jadrich says.  “It was clearly started from an illegal Meth lab.”


Jadrich continued by saying, “In this case you go by process of elimination.  You begin with what is the least burned to the most burned.  It really is easy to determine it.”


Jadrich says each year the city of Jonesboro averages three Meth fires a year.  Jadrich says most of those fires are not explosive like Monday’s fire.  But he also cautions Meth labs could become more violent over the next few months.  “They are always changing the formulas depending on what is available.”  He says.  “And right now it seems this new way is a little more explosive so we may begin to see some more instances of this now.”