Trumann ambulance service owner fights addition of new company in county

Trumann ambulance service owner fights addition of new company in county

POINSETT COUNTY, AR (KAIT) - A new ambulance service could be on the way to Poinsett County.

Dale Parker, owner of Trumann 911, said there are 3 companies that service certain portions of the county and they call on each other if needed.

He said bringing a new company into the mix could shake things up.

"It would drastically reduce the business generated by the current 3 services that are here," Parker said.

He made a proposal to the Quorum Court to reintroduce an ordinance that would require ambulance services to be in the county for a year before they can be added to the county's 911 system.

"I told the Quorum Court that unless an emergency existed, that the 3 current services should be the only services allowed on the 911 system," Parker said. "If at anytime 1 of those 3 services decided they wanted to leave the area, the other 2 services would sign any type of contract they wanted to write up stating that we would increase our service area to cover Poinsett County."

Parker said a new company is attempting to operate in the Marked Tree area.

"Today I observed that company's ambulances making a run in Marked Tree," Parker said. "I'm going to call the state and make sure they have a Poinsett County license because if they don't they're not supposed to be operating there."

Parker said he was last told the Quorum Court tabled the issue indefinitely.

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