Earle police officer behind bars

Earle police officer behind bars

EARLE, AR (KAIT) - An Earle police officer is behind bars after Arkansas State Police said they found drugs in his car during a traffic stop.

The incident report states 25-year-old Demarcus McPherson was stopped on Highway 64 near Ebony on March 17.

The officer said he noticed McPherson was driving what appeared to be a police car at a high rate of speed.

The incident report states the vehicle was a white Dodge Charger with police antennas on the trunk, a police-type cage, as well as siren speakers and a black spotlight.

Once the officer looked on the inside of the vehicle, he said he noticed the smell of marijuana and additional equipment usually found inside a police car.

The officer stated McPherson was dressed in uniform and asked him to remove his weapons.

McPherson was then placed in the patrol car.

The officer stated he could still smell marijuana once McPherson was in his patrol car.

The officer asked McPherson if the vehicle was his personal vehicle or department vehicle and McPherson said it was his personal vehicle.

He said McPherson told him his brother was in his vehicle and left the marijuana in a computer bag.

The officer searched the bag and found a folded white piece of paper with 12 grams of marijuana inside it.

The paper included a letterhead of the "City of Earle" as well as a seal of the city.

McPherson is charged with possession of a controlled substance, speeding and no liability insurance.

Chief Tyrone Smith with the Earle Police Department said McPherson is suspended without pay.

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