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Ridge Runners to shine a spotlight on the dark world of human trafficking


The idea for a feature film on human trafficking came just yards away from the director's home.

"Eight men were arrested 50 yards away from my house for sexually exploiting a 12-year-old girl," said Hunter West.

West and Austin Lott, both Jonesboro residents, are close to securing the funding for Ridge Runners, a movie shedding light on human trafficking in America.

"Ridge Runners is a film set in a small town like mine," said West. "It follows a police officer that discovers this is happening in her town. The small character driven story deals with this issue head-on."

Lott, a senior at Arkansas State University, is the producer of the film set to be shot this summer in Region 8. Both have worked on projects together before through ASU and worked to establish a production company, www.flydogproductions.com.

The pair are hoping to get the film financed through a Kickstarter campaign available at their website.

Current statistics show that 27 million people are trapped in slavery worldwide. Four and a half million people are sold into sexual exploitation. In the United States, some 60,100 are trapped in slavery in the United States right now. One in five of them are children.

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