A-State installs new high-tech trash cans

A-State installs new high-tech trash cans

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Arkansas State University's Jonesboro campus has taken recycling to a whole other level.

Their new trash cans are far from ordinary. They are called Bigbellys.

It's a smart waste and recycling system.

Each unit contains a solar-powered trash compactor unit and single-stream recycling unit.

"They're much, much more efficient because we don't have to come out here, so that's fuel," ASU Recycling Waste Manager Helen McCoy said. "We don't get litter so we're saving time and we're saving a case and a half of can liners a week with this over the sixteen cans we replaced with them."

The system has other advantages also.

"This bin will hold four times what a normal, large outside trash can will hold," McCoy said. "When it gets full it sends me an email that says we need to come empty this."

Right now, the university has six sets of the Bigbellys and they plan on getting three more.

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