First responders train, tear bus to shreds

First responders train, tear bus to shreds

PARAGOULD, AR (KAIT) - When first responders come to the scene of a bus or big truck accident, they must attack it differently than a regular car accident.

That is why the Greene County Rescue Squad invited multiple first responder teams from all over Region 8 to get hands on training in Paragould, Saturday.

The Greene County Rescue Squad got out special equipment to train on school buses and big rigs.

The bus was torn to shreds. The glass windows broken, doors removed, and sides cut in half.

Curtis Davenport, chief of the Greene County Rescue Squad, said the last time they were able to get a bus to work with was 10 years ago.

He said this type of training is valuable because accidents with buses and big rigs are completely different than a regular car accident, and sometimes they can include multiple victims and children.

Brent Cox, Greene County Rescue Squad member, said this training saves lives.

"This kind of practice is live saving," Cox said. "It's extremely important for us to do this. You don't want us to be on a scene of an incident that it's the first time we get to use this type of equipment or this type of vehicle. For a bus for instance, kid's lives are at stake."

The departments spent the morning working on the bus and then moved to training with a big truck.

Davenport said they hope to never have to work a large accident involving a bus or big truck, but if they have to they are now more prepared.

Davenport thanked Greene County Tech School District and Nationwide Insurance for helping them secure the bus and big truck for training.

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