New Twitter feature aims to cut down on cyberbullying

New Twitter feature aims to cut down on cyberbullying

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Twitter rolled out a new feature to cut down on cyberbullying and cyber threats.

This feature allows a Twitter user to request information about a tweet sent to them in the form of an email.

The information included is the tweet, the username of the account who sent it and the time the tweet was sent.

Twitter can then suspend the account of the person who sent the tweet.

Police also have the ability to request information of a private account.

The Nettleton School District is excited about this new feature.

Amy Reed, the social worker for those in 7th through 12th grade, said students use electronic communication 95% of the time.

"They don't realize how miscommunication through certain texts, certain messages when it meant absolutely nothing, but they are so used to not communicating face to face and having a face to face conversation," Reed said. "It's just the way of their time."

She said the school doesn't see a lot of cyberbullying cases with high school students because most of the issues come from the junior high.

Reed also said most of the time, these issues begin outside of school and only when they become a distraction, will the school get involved.

High school Counselor Charlene Jernigan said this new Twitter feature will be a great tool when dealing with cyber bullying issues.

"If the counselors and the principals get involved with it, it's something fairly severe," Jernigan said. "So having some kind of information that will provide police or others involved proof of what went on would be a great value I feel."

Reed advises students to inform their parents if they are being cyberbullied.

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