A Better Region 8: Together, we are 'Region 8'

A Better Region 8: Together, we are 'Region 8'

What's in a name? When a baby is first born, you give them a name. Over time, it becomes more than just the name of a newborn baby.

As a child grows, their name defines them as a person in our minds. When we hear their name we immediately think of their traits, their laugh, their struggles and their triumphs. In other words, we think of who they really are and what they mean to us. The name Region 8 has the same pattern.

It all started decades ago when KAIT became known as more of a regional station serving Northeast Arkansas and Southeast Missouri. So the name "Region 8" was born to define the geography of our coverage area and the name quickly became associated with KAIT. But just like naming a child, the name Region 8 has grown up and progressed and now defines so much more than geography. It defines the wonderful culture and people of Region 8.

Region 8 is people who work together, laugh together, mourn together and see promise in our future. We give when there's a need, speak out when something is wrong, and take care of each other in dangerous times. We love where we live as much as who we live with, and there's a strong commitment to take such a great thing and make it even better.

That's what Region 8 is, and that's why we say all the time... "Together, We are Region 8."

- Chris Conroy, KAIT VP & General Manager

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