Severe weather season is here: Are you prepared?

Severe weather season is here: Are you prepared?

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - It is officially spring, which means pollen, sunshine and thunderstorms.

With those thunderstorms we sometimes get the chance for severe weather, which makes this the perfect time for you and your family to come up with their severe weather safety plan.

Whether it is adding a new storm shelter to your home, or just going over your families plans it will help keep your family safe if you take the time to plan now.

Some things you can include within your plans are having an interior room or hallway to go to.

You want to put as many walls between you and the outside as possible to slow down and stop debris that may be flying through the air in the event of a tornado.

In your safe spot you want to keep some things nearby.

Some of those items include a first aid kit, a weather radio, a cell phone, a flash light, blankets, water, food, medicine and extra clothes.

It is also important you let someone outside your home know where your safe spot is.

This is so if the door to your shelter gets blocked by debris rescue workers will know where to look for you.

Most importantly, be sure to be weather aware.

If you know that there is a possibility of severe weather, you will be more prepared.

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