AGFC donates trailer to NEA Wounded Warriors Group

AGFC donates trailer to NEA Wounded Warriors Group

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - A statewide organization helped out a local group with a generous donation.

The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission donated an enclosed trailer to the Northeast Arkansas Wounded Warriors Group.

State Representative Scott Baltz helped coordinate the trailer donation by the AGFC.

"It takes the people and the public and the donors, organizations like the Game and Fish and people like your local state representatives to help with this kind of stuff," Danny Barr told Region 8 News.

Barr, a member of the Northeast Arkansas Wounded Warriors Group, said it would have cost their organization roughly $2,000 to purchase a similar trailer.

"Of course now, we've got that money to put back for other things," Barr said.

Barr explained that they needed an enclosed trailer for a motorized wheelchair the group bought last year. The wheelchair, that cost roughly $11,000, allows wounded warriors to travel terrain they might not normally be able to get through.

In an organized duck hunt the group sponsored this year, wounded warriors were able to use the wheelchair to get in and out of duck blinds. Eighteen veterans went on that hunt.

Though the NEA Wounded Warriors Group organizes big hunts like that each year, this equipment will be available to disabled vets in the area on a daily basis.

"Someone just wants to go out with their family on a weekend fishing trip to their local pond. If they're a wounded warrior within these five counties, we'll be glad to make this thing available to them," Barr said. "That's what it's here for. We'd like to see some people using it."

The NEA Wounded Warriors Group covers Randolph, Clay, Lawrence, Greene and Craighead Counties. This is the third year for the group and Barr said from here on out, they plan on growing it even more.

One way they're doing so is with a $500 scholarship for high school seniors in each of the five counties they cover.

"Any seniors that have a family member that is a disabled veteran of any sort can turn in a scholarship application to us," Barr said.

For scholarship application information, contact Barr at (870) 219-1396 or contact Chad Overman at (870) 758-0111. To schedule a hunt or for more information, contact Mike Richardson at (870) 351-1043 or John Phillips at (870) 926-3619.

You can also contact any of the members on the


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