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Region 8 pharmacy approves of new senate bill, hopes to see it pass


One Region 8 pharmacy hopes to see Senate Bill 688 become a law, because it will help them when filing claims on generic medication.

Senate Bill 688 aims to increase the maximum allowable cost a pharmacy benefits manager, or PBM, can reimburse a pharmacy.

Krystal Soo, owner of Soo's Drug Store and Compounding Center, said pharmacies have to sell generic medication below costs because PBMs have not fixed their prices. This all stems from the price of generic medication rapidly rising.

“All this bill does is set guarantees and limits that the drug companies have to increase their prices within 7 days when a generic drug price goes up and that we are not forced to sell a drug below our cost,” Soo said.

She also said this bill would not affect what a customer pays for their medication. 

Right now, pharmacies in smaller communities are affected the most. Soo said those stores loose more money due to the small amount of customers they receive.

This bill is currently in the Arkansas House of Representatives.

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