Leslie Rutledge speaks out against Clean Water Act

Leslie Rutledge speaks out against Clean Water Act

LITTLE ROCK, AR (KAIT) - Lawmakers met in the nation's capital Tuesday to discuss the Environmental Protection Agency's Clean Water Act.

This act aims to protect water in the United States by giving a definition of what those bodies of water are.

Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge testified against this act by saying some definitions were confusing and would negatively affect farmers in Arkansas.

In her testimony, Rutledge said the EPA's definition of tributaries could encompass many different things including ditches on the side of a road.

She said this act could potentially affect all consumers in America.

"As the first conservationists, protecting the land and water, farmers and ranchers want to follow the law," Rutledge said. "Restrictive and confusing administrative rules will prohibit their ability to farm and drive future generations out of agriculture, ultimately impacting the food supply of all Americans."

A link to the EPA's Clean Water Act can be found here.

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