Ad leads to confusion over John 3:16 ministries

Ad leads to confusion over John 3:16 ministries

BONO, AR (KAIT) - An ad in the paper leads to an upset Region 8 woman, as she feels she was misled by the advertisement.

Angela Hood's roof has been leaking for more than a year. She has had multiple roofing companies work on it and continues to have problems.

She said she came across an ad in the paper advertising for a roofing company. The ad placed in the Jonesboro Sun read "John 3:16 Roofing & remodeling COMPANY, 10 Christian man crew."

"Whenever you carry Christ's name, I mean that is the most important name you can carry," Hood said.

Hood said when she saw the ad she immediately connected it to a similar ministry.

"We immediately thought that they were connected to the Christian ministry that helps the men out," Hood said.

Hood thought it was connected to John 3:16 Ministries, a state recognized nonprofit, but according to Bryan Tuggle, with the nonprofit John 3:16, this roofing company isn't connected to his ministry.

"All that time I thought they were connected to John 3:16," Hood said. "That is what anybody is going to think."

The roofing company Hood hired is also known as All Seasons Metal Roofing. A state recognized contracting company out of Craighead County.

Hood claims the job was not done properly.

"When you advertise under that name, and you advertise you do professional work for fair pay, that is what people are expecting and I think that is what you should receive, especially under his name. All I was trying to do was save my home, and hoping I could get someone to help me to save this home," Hood said.

Terry Smith, owner of All Seasons Metal Roofing, said he will change the ad and move the John 3:16 portions in all four ads. He said he didn't realize it would cause so much confusion. Smith did not want to comment on the work he did for Hood.

Tuggle said he hopes the ad's do get changed to stop any further confusion.

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