Police: Man ordered 'hit' on ex-girlfriend from jail

Police: Man ordered 'hit' on ex-girlfriend from jail
Diedre Bingham (Source: Mississippi Co. Sheriff's Dept.)
Diedre Bingham (Source: Mississippi Co. Sheriff's Dept.)

BLYTHEVILLE, AR (KAIT) - A man already in prison, his cousin and another suspected are accused of conspiring to commit murder among other charges.

On March 20 warrants were issued for inmate Tylon King, Diedre Bingham, his cousin, and another suspect referred to as "Murdoc."

The warrants were for conspiring to commit murder, engaging in violent criminal gang activity and bribery of a witness.

King was arrested Feb. 3 on numerous offenses which included shooting at his ex-girlfriend's house, according to the Blytheville Police Department. He has been in jail since then on a $150,000 cash bond.

Police began to investigate calls made from King to Bingham. The police department stated on occasion they obtain recorded calls from the Mississippi County Sheriff's Office.

One call on Feb. 22 highlighted a conversation between King, Bingham and "Murdoc" on a 3-way call.

Police stated during the conversation it was apparent the 2 were speaking in code about a paid "hit."

King had made it known in other recordings that he was desperate and aggravated that his ex-girlfriend hadn't dropped the charges against him.

Police then stated King and "Murdoc" came to an agreement to kill the woman and negotiated a price. King stated 'you be on standby, I'm about to sell everything I got' then he told Bingham to go to his apartment and sell his property and items in his car.

More calls were made between King and his cousin for updates on what she had sold and how much she received.

On Feb. 25 King was recorded saying he was going to have to 'checkmate, I hate to do it, but it's my life' in reference to his ex-girlfriend.

Two days later King, Bingham and "Murdoc" were on another call together. Police said King was giving "Murdoc" an update on getting the money for the "hit" and that he was still a little short.

Investigators contacted King's ex-girlfriend to warn her about the incident.

Blytheville police detectives gave her information about "Murdoc" and she said she was familiar with the suspect and that they lived just around the corner from her. The information was confirmed by "Murdoc's" parole officer, police said.

King's ex-girlfriend told investigators Bingham had approached her and offered her $1,000 to drop the charges against King. She also told police she heard King had threatened to burn down her house by paying someone, but was unaware about a threat on her life.

After the warrants were issued, Bingham was arrested in Gosnell and interviewed by police. She denied any involvement in the incident.

King was interviewed at the sheriff's office and also denied "ordering a hit" but admitted to trying to have Bingham pay off his ex-girlfriend.

King and Bingham were arraigned on Monday in Blytheville District Court.

An additional bond for King was set at $150,000 while Bingham's was set at $50,000. She has bonded out.

Both will be in circuit court on April 30.

No further information was release from police on the status of the suspect known at "Murdoc."

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