Social media bill fails in Senate committee

Social media bill fails in Senate committee

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - House Bill 1087 that required employees to connect with their employer failed Wednesday in a Senate committee.

Even though employers could force their employees to connect, there were some actions they could not demand. These included not requesting passwords or changes to their privacy settings.

Jennifer McGinnis, an employee of the Adara Boutique in downtown Jonesboro, said she didn't see the bill as an issue but as another form of communication.

"Jobs that I've had, it's been necessary to have your boss as your friend on Facebook where they communicate via groups on Facebook for job scheduling and such," McGinnis said. "And then this one here, we all pitch in and post and make sure everyone knows about all our products and sales and all that sort of thing."

Other employees did not agree with McGinnis. They said the bill would affect their freedom of speech and would only do it if it was stated in their contract when they were hired.

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