Convict's mother claims she feels helpless

SENATH, MO (KAIT) - The mother of a Region 8 convict said she was abused by her home care worker and she feels nothing has been done about it because of her son's conviction.

Her son, Shawn Morgan of Senath, is serving a life sentence for the murder of 3-year-old Breeann Rodriguez.

Clara Morgan, 75, of Senath said the home care worker found a new job and began to pack her bags on the night of February 1.

Morgan said the worker confronted her after she asked her to come back the next day to finish gathering her belongings.

"She took her body and just pushed me up against the wall and hit my head against the wall," said Morgan. "I mean it hurt."

Morgan said she called 911 and requested someone come out to remove the worker out of her home.

She said she was so upset she picked up the worker's bag and threw it outside.

Morgan said police allowed the worker and her family to remove the worker's belongings from the home.

Morgan said she contacted the sheriff's office on February 17 about filing a report about the incident, it was filed on February 18.

"They sent somebody out here and when they came in, I said I can't write too good," said Morgan. "My worker filled out the report and I signed it. She filled out exactly what I said."

The next day, Morgan said she filed an ex-parte.

Morgan said she was notified to appear in court on March 3

"This judge, he told me the lawyer wanted to put it off a while," said Morgan. "He said I could either agree to it or drop the whole thing. I said I'm not dropping it."

Morgan said she was told the case was continued to April 14.

Morgan said the home worker has not been charged in the abuse case.

Dunklin County Sheriff Bob Holder said his department is investigating the alleged abuse.

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