Bicycle, pedestrian study results available

Bicycle, pedestrian study results available


The results of a bicycle/pedestrian study conducted by the Jonesboro Metropolitan Planning Organization were revealed Thursday to the public.

The study began last year and looked at how pedestrians and bicyclists used Johnson Avenue and downtown areas in Jonesboro. The results offered 5 proposals to changes in downtown Jonesboro.

These proposals encompassed changes like rerouting traffic to keeping the layout as it is. Chris Camp, president of Lose & Associates who performed the study, said people were leaning more towards the rerouting option.

"The option that's gaining the most traction is making Church Street a one way pair running north and converting Main Street back to a two way traffic pattern," Camp said.

Camp said this option would add green space to the north side of downtown, which the area is lacking. He also said people were split down the middle in terms of adding bike lanes to downtown.

Some people who lived or worked in the area visited the open house to see what the options were and voice their opinions. One woman said she would just like to see the speed limit lowered. She said this option would be the cheapest and quietest of the 5.

Executive director of the Jonesboro Downtown Association, Hailey Knight, said she would like to see some changes to parking as well as a lower speed limit.

"We would love to see angled parking," Knight said. "We feel that's the best option because we are not losing any spaces, we are actually gaining maybe 2 to 3 spaces and we're also getting to share that with bicyclists and pedestrians."

Some people at the event did voice their opposition against adding bike lanes to downtown. They said when up against helping drivers, they wanted the money to go to an option to help downtown drivers.

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