E-911 begins remodeling

E-911 begins remodeling
The Jonesboro E-911 offices are in the process of remodeling to provide dispatchers and others, more space to work in.
Jeff Presley, the director of E-911, said with the amount of equipment and people they have they need the space.
One of the first steps was to move Presley and other administrators over to the Justice Complex. With them out of the dispatch center, they can now begin remodeling that area.
Presley said the big reason for the changes is to provide each group their own space to work efficiently.
“So now we will have a good area to keep our files to bring them over here to actually do our audits,” Presley said. “So it's not only going to be beneficial to our dispatchers but to the auditors and the folks coming in to work with us.
Presley said another part of the change is an upgrade in equipment layout and the technology they use.

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