Why Hasn't There Been An Arrest in Monday Meth Fire?

JANUARY 26, 2005 - Posted at 8:55 p.m. CST

JONESBORO, AR -  A house burns down. A 94-year-old woman loses her home because the people that accidentally started the fire were admittedly making drugs. And those two people still haven't been arrested. The question on many people's mind is why?

The simplest explanation is a lack of physical evidence. Even though the Jonesboro Fire Department has concluded the fire was a result of a meth explosion, there is little if any physical evidence left behind. Second Judicial District Prosecutor Brent Davis says he needs physical evidence to prosecute, and in this case there isn't any. But Davis says there is still a chance charges could be filed. Possibly, a felony grade of criminal mischief.

The names of the people suspected of causing the explosion are 23-year-old Johnathan G. Carter and 28-year-old Robin E. Gowan of Jonesboro. Carter is listed in critical condition at St. John's Hospital in Springfield, Missouri. Gowan is at Arkansas Children's Hospital in Little Rock. She is listed in good condition.