Model home helps to save energy and cut costs

Model home helps to save energy and cut costs

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - The ability to build an energy efficient home may not be as hard as you think.

Craighead Electric Cooperative held an open house Saturday showcasing a model home that was built with energy in mind.

The homeowners reached out to Craighead Electric before building the home to find out how they could incorporate energy efficient practices. Craighead Electric worked directly with the contractors to make the home what they wanted.

Monty Williams, Vice President of Marketing and Communications for Craighead Electric Cooperative, said they try to help anyone who wants to save money on electric bills.

The newly built model home has special foam insulation in the walls and attic.

There is also a geo-thermal heating and cooling pump that runs off energy from the lake behind the home.

Williams said these minor improvements help save energy and cut costs.

An energy specialist was on scene to answer any questions the public had. Williams said it costs a little extra when building, but it's worth it.

"It doesn't cost that much more to do this," Williams said. "It's usually about 3-5% extra. That's what it costs to do an energy efficient home, and the things that you will do will pay for itself. It's money that you are going to get back from now on. As long as the house is there, you're going to get the money back."

Williams said there are ways to make an older home more energy efficient, as well. Anyone wanting more information can contact Craighead Electric Cooperative at 870-932-8301.

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