Steps taken to ensure safety on the field

Steps taken to ensure safety on the field

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - After the death of a Georgia teen involved in a baseball accident, parents worried about the safety precautions taken during a game.

Umpire in chief for Southside Kedron Robinette said every umpire knows what to do when an accident occurs.

"Any injury that we have on the field, all umpires have been instructed that we will call time, assess the situation, get the coaches out there and assess the injury," Robinette said. "If they need help, we'll get help."

During most games, Robinette said there is a volunteer with Emerson or Medic One on standby to help in an emergency.

She said some parents work with these services and offer their assistance when necessary.

She also mentioned a few examples of equipment they use to protect the kids when out on the field.

They use "pop up bases," which help prevent ankle injuries when players slide into a base.

Robinette also said they use pitching machines with covers on the wheel to ensure a player doesn't get caught in the machine.

She said the league strongly encourages teams to utilize face masks for players in the infield.

There is currently no rule that requires these.

Robinette said they have not seen many serious injuries.

Most have been small and involving muscles or ankles.

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