Feud between Parkin mayor and city council continues

PARKIN, AR (KAIT) - Another special city council meeting was held Monday afternoon in Parkin to discuss official signors on the city's bank account.

The council held the meeting to add Prenita Lewis, the new city clerk, as a signor. Another part of this resolution was to remove Mayor Willie Patterson as an authorized signor. The council voted 5 to 0 in favor of the resolution.

Immediately following their decision, Mayor Patterson announced that he would veto their decision. The council also voted to restrict how much the mayor could spend on the city's credit cards to $100. Patterson said this would also be vetoed.

The issues between the city council and the mayor are not new to the city of Parkin. Since the beginning of the year, the city has lost 2 police chiefs, a city clerk and fired at least 3 city employees.

City Councilwoman Renett McCraw said she had no comment when asked the council's reasoning for wanting to remove the mayor as an authorized signor.

The people of Parkin said they were tired of the on-going feud between the mayor and the city council. The mayor's son Sean Patterson says that since the council is against the mayor, they are against the people as well.

"This is the first situation that I've ever seen in a city that's causing a big conflict here," Patterson said. "Our city council definitely is against the citizens here because the citizens voted the mayor in here, 53%."

The amount of people for the mayor seem to equal the supporters of the city council. Resident Cassandra Williams said the city council is doing everything right. She said the council is stepping in because they don't agree with what the mayor is doing.

Even though she supports the council, she is also fed up with what is going on.

"Things are not being handled right and I'm just fed up with it," Williams said. "I was told earlier, I'm not for sure if it is true or not, that trash isn't going to be picked up."

What Williams heard was correct. Mayor Patterson said with the lack of employees, the trash was not going to be picked up in Parkin.

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