Parents publicly shame teens for damaging property, lying to police

Parents publicly shame teens for damaging property, lying to police

MARMADUKE, AR (KAIT) - Two Region 8 teens spent four hours of their weekend standing along busy streets as punishment for damaging property and lying to police.

The teens, 13-year-old Kiara and 14-year-old Dillon, held signs explaining why they were in trouble in Marmaduke and Paragould.

"I'm not trying to set a standard for no other parent. What I will do, set a standard for my child," said Jack Aaron, the children's dad.

"We've threatened them with the law, we've punished them, grounded them, taken their phones away," said Kim Aaron, the children's mother.

But the Aarons said after learning what their children did this weekend, it was time to come up with a new form of punishment.

Jack said his son Dillon threw a stolen scooter up a shop building over the weekend, causing at least $500 worth of damage to it.

Kim said her daughter Kiara lied to police about being there when it happened.

"It was embarrassing, so I want them to feel the embarrassment I had to feel that night," Kim said.

Though the kids were spanked and will be grounded for a month, Jack said it didn't take long to come up with something they would remember for a long time.

"Your penmanship, my idea, let's make it happen," Jack said.

The Aarons said all it took was 2 bright, neon signs and a thick black marker to make their kids regret what they'd done.

"We seen the looks on their faces and we knew it was a good one because they did not want to do this," Kim said.

Dillon's sign read: "I tear up property! I lie to cops! I think like a punk!"

Kiara's sign read: "I disrespect cops, I am a smart mouth little kid!! I'm sorry MPD."

The Aarons stood with Dillon and Kiara during their punishment.

All the while, they gained support from those who drove past.

"There was older people who stopped and said they wished this would happen more," Kim said.

That support hasn't stopped. Even during our interview, someone at a nearby gas station yelled, "Good job, dad!"

"That's what makes it all worth it!" Jack said.

Jack Aaron said he has family members in multiple different states who have shared the story.

"I hope it goes 50 states," Jack said. "Him and his little Justin Bieber hair...he'll change his look. He'll change his ways."

Dillon lives in Blytheville, but Kiara was able to be there for our interview.

She said the embarrassment factor has worked.

"All my teachers knew about it, all my friends knew about it. they were all asking me questions," Kiara said. "Now, even if I wasn't the one doing the damage, just me being associated with the people that were, that puts a bad name on me."

Kim said she's extremely grateful for the Marmaduke police officers who responded to the incident and how they handled the situation.

Jack said his son will repay the damage done to the building one way or another.

According to the Aarons, the owner of the building is still determining whether or not to press charges.

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