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Free health screenings promote community health for all ages


Members of a Region 8 community took advantage of free health screenings Wednesday morning.

Jamie Bartholomew, Weiner Elementary School of Innovation Nurse, partnered with the Weiner Cardinal Community Center to sponsor the event.

From 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. citizens of any age could visit the Cardinal Community Center in Weiner for a free health screening.

Pam Hogue, Weiner Elementary School of Innovation Principal, said the school wanted to partner with the senior citizens of Weiner to promote health throughout the community.

“We are teaching our students that it's important to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and working with the senior citizens here in the community just seemed like a nice natural thing to do,” Hogue said. “To provide a way to ensure their health is good.”

St. Bernards conducted the screenings. They offered blood pressure checks, educational materials, and a variety of blood tests.

Hogue said the school has benefited a lot form partnering with the seniors, and they greatly enjoy being able to learn from each other.

They hope to host many more events at the newly remodeled Cardinal Community Center.

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