City wants to see changes made to dangerous intersection

City wants to see changes made to dangerous intersection

LEACHVILLE, AR (KAIT) - Last week, two teens were injured after a crash at the intersection of Highway 119 and Highway 18. The intersection, known as the Leachville turnoff, is pushing the city council to bring change.

Ralph Wells, Mayor of Leachville, said it's always been a dangerous intersection. It is a highly traveled spot where vehicles sometimes drive at high speeds.

Wells said he has spoken with State Representative Dave Wallace about his concerns. Wells said Wallace has contacted the Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department to discuss possible changes to the intersection in the name of safety.

Wells and Wallace hope someone from the highway department can visit with them at the next city council meeting.

Wells said he wants improvements to the intersection because he just doesn't want to see anymore lives lost.

"We've had problems with it for years," Wells said. "We've lost some very great citizens of Leachville at that intersection. It's been a lot of wrecks and a lot of automobile damage."

With the highway department widening Highway 18 to 4 lanes, Wells worries what is already a problem may get worse.

Wells and the Leachville City Council hope to work with the highway department to either put up a stop light, flashers, or anything that can help slow traffic and stop so many accidents.

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