Miniature Schnauzers rescued from puppy mill recovering, legal battle pending

Miniature Schnauzers rescued from puppy mill recovering, legal battle pending

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Five weeks ago, thirty Miniature Schnauzers were rescued from horrific conditions at a puppy mill on County Road 160 in Craighead County.

Once covered in filth and feces, those dogs are in much better condition now.

The dogs are being housed at Vetcare in Jonesboro and now have the chance to run around, receive love and affection and much needed medical care.

"All of them had severe matting," Angie Heringer told Region 8 News. "A majority of them do have terrible teeth, terrible ears, terrible eyes, terrible skin and we're just taking care of it one day at a time."

Heringer, director of Arkansas Angels 4 Animals, helped rescue the dogs.

She said nearly all of dogs have heartworms and some of the females were facing life threatening infections in their uterus from continually giving birth for the puppy mill.

"We need to have an atmosphere of outrage and anger that this has been allowed to happen for 10, 15, 20 years," Heringer said.

Heringer said a bill was filed this legislative session to combat puppy mills.

set out to regulate and increase puppy mill standards.

However, as the bill's author withdrew it, it might be two years before a law is passed.

Heringer said until then, it's their job to keep rescued dogs from returning to those puppy mills and they're willing to go to court to do so.

"To expose it, to show them that it's not right," Heringer said. "Sometimes it can be months in a legal system, we're hoping to speed it up."

Heringer said though they've been able to treat the dogs' physical injuries over the past five weeks, they are still at risk.

Heringer said the dogs owner has filed a lawsuit against them to get the dogs back in their custody. However, Heringer said they plan to file 31 counts of animal cruelty against the dog owner.

A court date should be set in the next month.

Heringer said until then, they are accepting donations at Vetcare to help with the boarding, feeding and medical care of the Miniature Schnauzers they rescued.

To contact Vetcare, call (870) 972-5320. You can also contact Arkansas Angels 4 Animals to volunteer or donate at (870) 974-2911.

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