Police aid bail bondsman in capturing fleeing suspect

Police aid bail bondsman in capturing fleeing suspect

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Jonesboro police aided an out-of-state bail bondsman by capturing a suspect who fled officers.

Two Jonesboro police officers met with a Tennessee bail bond agent Friday morning at a trailer park at 4303 Aggie Road.

The agent told officers he had a bond out on Matthew Thompson, 27, of Jonesboro who he had seen go into his home at the park.

One of the officers stood at the back door while the bond agent went through the front door. Thompson, according to the report, ran out the back door south through the park and into a field as the officer yelled for him to stop.

About 2 hours later, some workers reportedly saw Thompson walking through a field in the same area.

Two officers checked the field and found Thompson. He was arrested without incident according to the police report.

Thompson was booked in the Craighead County Jail on charges of fleeing and a court date was given for April 6. Police stated Thompson has out-of-state warrants.

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