Walnut Ridge workforce center closed, staff moved to Jonesboro

Walnut Ridge workforce center closed, staff moved to Jonesboro

LAWRENCE COUNTY, AR (KAIT) - The Arkansas Department of Workforce center located in Walnut Ridge will soon consolidate with the center in Jonesboro.

Communications Director Becky Hesslin said the consolidation will begin on Monday.

She said the decision was based on the proximity of both offices and it will allow them to better serve their customers with a larger office and staff.

Jeff Morris, an industrial development intern for the City of Walnut Ridge, said Walnut Ridge was not the only city to join the consolidation.

Some residents in the area may see the closure of the building as a loss for the city, but Morris said there are some positives.

"The services provided in Jonesboro will be much much greater and broader than maybe what they can offer here," Morris said.

He said the consolidation could provide more opportunities to job seekers across the region and for those concerned about missing out on job opportunities in the area, he said there are plenty available.

"If you are willing to come in and work, there is a job here for you in Walnut Ridge and in Lawrence County," Morris said. "If you come here to city hall, if you look on facebook, the city website, so on and so forth, job opportunities are just flowing wherever."

Hesslin said the Walnut Ridge employees will not lose their jobs.

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