Another business closes in Downtown Jonesboro

Another business closes in Downtown Jonesboro

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Another downtown business joins the list of shut down restaurants.

Don Jose's closed Tuesday, and in the same block Buck Naked Wings and Coach's also sit empty. But down the road, business is booming.

Some say something is wrong with Downtown Jonesboro, but others believe unsuccessful businesses shouldn't reflect the hard work and progress happening downtown.

"Success of businesses is on how much work you put into it," said, Downtown Jonesboro patron, Steven Trotter.

Trotter markets for many downtown businesses and runs a small business called Nectar. He believes it will take inventive ideas to bring in new business.

"It may be a traditional space, but when you are trying to reinvent that space you've got to try different things," Trotter said. "A lot of times those places have been left to the wayside."

Besides Omar's Uptown, the entire block south of Huntington Avenue sits empty, but up the road a number of businesses are going strong including Skinny J's, Godsey's, Brickhouse, and Gearhead Outfitters.

One Love Coffeehouse will be open a year in June. Lauren George, owner, said she runs her shop the best way she knows how.

"We just try to make everybody feel comfortable and welcome," George said.

George said there are some things that may contribute to the lack of foot traffic downtown.

"But other than to just sit and eat a meal, there's nowhere to just go hang out," George said.

She is a mother of 2 and feels there isn't much for the entire family to enjoy. Other patrons of Downtown Jonesboro said lack of parking and dangerous high speeds are also issues they see impacting business.

Some said sky high rent prices may be a problem but Trotter disagreed.

"Main Street is an investment area," Trotter said. "So yes, it is a little bit higher on Main Street, but this is an area that has been highly invested."

Hailey Knight, executive director of the Downtown Jonesboro Association, said 2014 was a year of great progress.

The association said in a statement that another closed business is unfortunate, but they still look forward to new events and growth coming in 2015.

Management of Don Jose said they do hope to reopen downtown when they find a suitable location.

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