Community steps up to the plate to help cancer patient

Community steps up to the plate to help cancer patient

TRUMANN, AR (KAIT) - Saturday's at the ball field went beyond just a game for 1 Region 8 family.

"I always knew I had a lot of friends, but I never knew it was at this level," Clint Dickson said.

Dickson was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer in January. To help his family with medical expenses, his team rallied behind him.

"These are guys that we spend our summers with every year, and so it's kind of like a big family," said, Dickson's wife, Amy Dickson. "But even then people that we've never even met before are coming out and introducing theirselves."

The idea for the Super Draft benefit tournament, held in Trumann, stemmed from Dickson's first love.

"It's my passion," Dickson said. "It has been for a long time. I know it's just softball, but we take it pretty serious at times."

"A lot of his friend, close personal friends, play softball with him," said, event organizer, Gary Clay. "So we just thought it was a good idea to throw everybody together and do this for him because this is what he loved to do on the weekends."

Clay and Kelly Davis organized the softball tournament. Clay said they were amazed by the response.

"We really weren't expecting this many people at first," Clay said. "We just thought we might get 100 people, sure enough we are at 205, I believe."

More than 200 players took the field Saturday; Davis said the great weather was just a bonus.

"I think somebody up above was looking out because we needed to have this event," Davis said.

Clay predicts the tournament will raise over $6,000, and Dickson is more than thankful.

"This is all so overwhelming," Dickson said. "It's awesome to have this type of support."

The Dickson family hopes once he is better they will be able to give back in honor of all the support they've received.

"Hopefully after we get all of the medical expenses paid off we can, he wants to do some kind of scholarship or something like that," Amy said.

"To return the favor," Dickson said.

Clay and Davis said with the success of the event, they would love to make it an annual tournament.

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