Local fundraiser helps John 3:17 Ministries expand

Local fundraiser helps John 3:17 Ministries expand

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - John 3:17 Ministries can grow thanks to a local event Saturday.

The John 3:17 Catfish Dinner raised about $35,000, the remainder of the donations needed to build a new facility debt free that can house up to 20 women. 

John 3:17 is a faith-based Christian recovery center where women stay free for one year to overcome their addictions.

Since the ministry began two years ago, ten women have graduated from the program, including Jenyi Eaton who stayed on to help women like herself. 

"It's like we are a family," Eaton said. "By the time I got there, I was completely broken. We get to know each other on a level you typically don't get to know people on. It's been a calling. I know I make a difference where I'm at right now. When they have problems, I know where they've been and I know how difficult it can be at times so it's really cool to help them through that."

The ministry hopes to open its new Jackson County home within a year. 

"We take women as far south as Stuttgart and as far north as southeast Missouri," event coordinator Rhonda Qualls said. "We probably get five to ten calls a week from women wanting to get in the facility and we just don't have the space for them right now. The new facility will expand the program and offer women and their children more of an opportunity to come in and get the life of recovery they so desperately need and want through God."

John 3:17 is one of the few recovery centers in Arkansas that allows residents to bring their children.

Saturday's event also included a silent auction and presentation by Lyle Sinkey, a fellow recovering addict and Duck Commander videographer for Duck Dynasty's Robertson family.  

"We thank the community for their support and their prayers," Qualls said. "We ask that they continue to do that as this program grows. Addiction just affects the whole community and it's programs like this that help women recover, help them get back to a life where they can serve the community, take care of their children, take care of their homes and work in good jobs."

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