Region 8 celebrates Easter Sunday

Region 8 celebrates Easter Sunday

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Many people in Region 8 celebrated Easter Sunday by attending an Easter church service.

The Rock church in Jonesboro held its annual Easter at Arkansas State University's Convocation Center with about 2500 people in attendance.

Brad Watson, the worship pastor with the church, said the event started about 4 years ago.

The event was first held in the Fowler Center at Arkansas State University.

Watson said the church was told they could not hold the event there because they broke the fire code with the amount of people at the event.

So, the next year they decided to rent out the Convo.

Watson said even though he grew up in church, it wasn't until he was in college when he decided to make a change.

"It's changed me, from that day forward nothing was the same and I think that is kinda the concept of Easter and what we want for our church service is like from this day forward, nothing is the same," Watson said. "That the people that come in here, they experience something and they experience Christ and then leave and they're never the same."

Watson said church officials were shocked and still are to see so many people at the event.

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