Big Business Finds God

Posted 5:00 pm CST

Jonesboro, AR--For most business is just that, it’s business.  But for Christian bookstores business is part of ‘the ministry’.  Local bookstores like the Lighthouse and Storehouse work together in order to be the most help to those in need.  Trying to ‘best’ your competition is not something they are used to doing.  Now, Christian books, music, and t-shirts are becoming big business.  God is now in, and local privately owned Christian book stores are feeling the pinch.


A recent study found one in ten Christian bookstores are closing each year.  They’re a by product of big business finding religion.  In recent years, books like the ones in the best selling ‘Left Behind’ series have surpassed one million sold.  They have remained on the New York Times Best Sellers List.  Big retailers like Wal-Mart,Hastings, Books-A-Million and others have taken notice and began selling the hot items.  This has Caused your local Mom and Pop bookstore to struggle to stay ahead of retailers offering lower prices.


“The market has changed.”  Lighthouse bookstore owner Cliff Bailey says.  “We are going to have to prove we are more of a service than they are and that we are more knowledgeable of the Christian market than they are.”  Others agree.  “Christians are going to have to come back.” Storehouse owner Tronnia Johnson says.  “Or the consequences could be disastrous.”