Bill Clinton says in interview he'll be 'backstage adviser'

Bill Clinton says in interview he'll be 'backstage adviser'


Associated Press

WASHINGTON (AP) - Former President Bill Clinton says he plans to be a "backstage adviser" in Hillary Rodham Clinton's expected presidential campaign and intends to spend the year working on his family's philanthropic foundation.

As his wife considers another presidential campaign, the ex-president says in an interview with Town and Country magazine it's important for Hillary Clinton to run "as if she's never run for anything before" and connect with voters. He says he will play a behind-the-scenes role "until we get much, much closer to the election."

He says his foundation is the "most transparent" of all presidential foundations and notes it has been criticized for receiving money from foreign governments.

Hillary Clinton is the leading Democratic contender and is expected to launch her campaign in the next two weeks

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