Manila High School hosts mock DWI accident

Manila High School hosts mock DWI accident

MANILA, AR (KAIT) - Thirteen emergency responders took off for Manila High School around 12 p.m. Tuesday, but not for an emergency.

The law enforcement and emergency crews in Mississippi County, along with Manila high school students, put together a mock 3-vehicle accident caused by drinking and driving.

This gave students an up close and personal look at the aftermath of an accident.

Principal Chris Ferrell said they hope to drive home with students that these accidents can and do happen.

"Distracted driving and drinking and driving seem to be 2 of the larger components of accidents for teenagers," Ferrell said. "And we really just kind of want to bring home the intensity and the reality and just the permanent nature of these kinds of accidents."

Jared Camp with the Manila Police Department said he hopes the event causes students and community members to stop and think.

"Nowadays with technology, texting is becoming more popular," Camp said. "There are more accidents involving texting than DWI, so we want to try and incorporate both of them to show kids the results of what can happen if you're not paying attention as you're driving."

Over 360 students watched Tuesday's reenactment.

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