Target practice leaves bullet holes in family's home

Target practice leaves bullet holes in family's home

CRAIGHEAD COUNTY, AR (KAIT) - A family's target practice ends with bullet holes in a Jonesboro home.

According to a Craighead County Sheriff's Department incident report, a deputy used GPS and discovered the shots traveled from 800 yards away.

Homeowner Paula Riggs said the bullets caught her family by surprise.

"We were all in our living room and we heard a noise," Riggs said. "My first thought was I thought one of my Scentsy bulbs blew, but my husband knew instantly, he said get down, we've just been shot again."

Riggs said her family crawled to different areas of their home while the shooting was ongoing.

She said the deputy told her family a neighbor had a target practice range.

"They thought they had it set up to where it was safe and the bullets wouldn't travel, but because they were shooting down and our house was elevated, it somehow made the perfect target."

Riggs said this incident marks the second time this has happened.

"It happened in August when a rifle bullet hit my son's bedroom," Riggs said. "It came through the wall and ended up in his mattress."

She said he was sitting on the bed when it happened.

Riggs said her family didn't know that happened until her son pulled out his bed the next day.

She's thankful her family is alive.

"Just minutes before that, my husband had been dusting our mantle and he would've been right where the bullet came through," Riggs said.

Riggs hopes other gun owners are more aware of how far bullets can travel.

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