Agriculture schools coming to Arkansas

Agriculture schools coming to Arkansas

RECTOR, AR (KAIT) - Agri schools are coming to Arkansas.

Governor Asa Hutchinson signed Senate Bill 1037 into law Thursday.

The bill will start a pilot program for agricultural schools around the state.

Rural communities believe this bill is good for Arkansas.

Lisa Manchester, vocational teacher at Rector High School, said vocational training is vital to students in rural communities.

She said she believes agriculture schools could bring great potential to students.

"Any training that you can give to the students that will help them in the workforce to further their education and to give them a career and not just a job is very important," Manchester said.

Dawn Sims, special education teacher at Rector School District, said she agrees.

"I think an ag school has some definite benefits, especially in rural communities," Sims said. "I think it has benefits to our students who are very smart and very intelligent but just simply don't want to follow the traditional 4 year college plan."

Manchester and Sims said they do have some concerns about how agri school would work, but they feel it could be a great thing for rural communities and students.

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