Police: Man arrested after wanting to teach kids a lesson

Police: Man arrested after wanting to teach kids a lesson

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Jonesboro police arrested a man Sunday morning who said he was trying to teach a group of boys a lesson of respect.

Police said they were flagged down by 4 minors that said a man had just pulled a knife on them.

The boys told officers that they were standing on the 400-block of Marshall Street waiting on a church bus and joking around with each other.

They said a black man wearing a gray hoodie and red shoes came up to them because the man thought they were talking to him.

The incident report said the man told one of the boys, "What you say little boy, come here with your fat ***."

The man then pulled a knife out of his pocket and the boys ran off.

Officers started looking for the man and found someone matching the boy's description on Marshall Street.

As soon as police approached the man he said, "This is about those bad *** kids isn't it?"

The man did not have a driver's license but told police his name was Deon Johnson.

Johnson told police that he did not want to kill the kids he just wanted to teach them some respect.

He later admitted he had pulled a knife on the boys and they had ran away.

Johnson was placed in handcuffs and searched.

Officers found a pocket knife and kitchen knife on Johnson.

He was taken to the Craighead County Detention Center and booked on aggravated assault awaiting a probable cause hearing.

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