VPA students experience Australia

VPA students experience Australia

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - The students at the Visual Performing Arts Magnet School in Jonesboro experienced Australian culture first-hand Monday.

The school brought The Australian Kaleidoscope group to school so students could learn more about the culture than kangaroos and boomerangs.

"There's so much more to any country so we show them our flags, our money, our songs, our animals," Martin Beggs said. "We get them up to participate in Aboriginal dances, native Australian dances, the bush dances of Australia. So by the time we leave in the afternoon they know how to say hello and goodbye in Australian."

Beggs and his wife Nellie are native to Australia and specialize in the music and culture of the country. In the morning, the students gathered to partake in native dances and music.

Later in the afternoon, each grade came back to the auditorium for more information concerning the money, animals and flags of the country.

The school said this program is all about introducing the kids to other countries and their culture through art. The school received a mini-grant in order to bring the Australian duo to Jonesboro.

When asked what their favorite part of the presentation was, most kids said learning how to say hello and goodbye the Australian way.

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