A Better Region 8: A-State alcohol sales

A Better Region 8: A-State alcohol sales

Recently, leaders of Arkansas State University approved alcohol sales in limited areas during athletic and entertainment events.

The system's board of trustees unanimously sanctioned a lease with the NEA Sports Club, a local nonprofit. They will be allowed to sell beer, wine or liquor to its members in limited areas of Centennial Bank Stadium and Tomlinson Stadium. They will also be able to sell alcohol at designated concerts or special events at the Convocation Center, the Fowler Center, the Cooper Alumni Center and the Pavilion.

The moment we broke the news story, we realized instantly that many people across Region 8 have strong opinions on this subject. A-State does a terrific job making a football game into a great family atmosphere.

Selling alcohol at the games could change that perception in some people's minds. And selling alcohol at the Convo during selected concerts will no doubt cause some parents to think twice about bringing their families to events.

I don't think A-State is doing anything wrong from a business standpoint. They are looking for new ways to increase revenue I get that. I just hope they understand that if the Arkansas Alcoholic Beverage Control Board approves the NEA Sports club's application, and they start selling alcohol, it will send the message that the family atmosphere can be threatened by the all mighty dollar.

- Chris Conroy, KAIT VP & General Manager

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