Concerns about age of officers in reserve deputy program arise

Concerns about age of officers in reserve deputy program arise

CRAIGHEAD COUNTY, AR (KAIT) - After the police shooting incident in Tulsa, Oklahoma residents are beginning to question the age of the officer involved.

The officer was part of a reserve officer program and was about 73 years old.

A reserve program allows people the chance to volunteer their time to work as an officer with a police force.

Craighead County Sheriff's Department has one of these programs.

Sheriff Marty Boyd said there are currently about 22 people involved in their program, with the oldest being about 50 years old.

Boyd said age has never been an issue with their program and that these deputies are not too different from others.

"Once a reserve deputy is on duty and working, they have the same authority that any deputy sheriff would," Boyd said. "The difference would be if a reserve officer is not working or on duty, they have zero power."

He went on to say that he didn't want to second guess the Oklahoma officer's actions because he simply wasn't there.

Boyd said they train officers to carry a stun gun on their off side so they are forced to make an extra movement when reaching for the equipment.

The training requires deputies to use muscle memory and cross draw for the stun gun.

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